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Spa Treatments

"The Spa With a View" a beautiful little spa pavilion, offering a range of treatments using quality products, including almond oil, Biokos and OPI. Positioned to take advantage of the spectacular ocean view, it's hard to keep your eyes open as you drift away!


60min or 90min massage

Let yourself recharge with our ultimate full body massage. This classic Balinese massage therapy helps increase circulation, relieves muscle pain, tension and stress while promoting wellbeing. The rhythmic stroke of the massage will bring the mind into the present and is the gateway to a relaxed body.


60min massage

This massage involves deep pressure and especially beneficial for the physically active individual. The treatment provides a strong massage to alleviate tightness and strain and is particularly effective for stiff necks and sore shoulders.


30min scrub

Prepare yourself for the awakening aroma and rhythmic sensation of a full body exfoliating scrub. A creamy mixture of Granules of apricot and rice kernels with lemon and patchouli essential oils that exfoliates dead skin cells and regenerates new ones, leaving the skin firm and supple. After a refreshing shower, a rich body lotion will be applied.

Face to Face

60min facial

In this facial we are using specially formulated facial products by Biokos - containing bio-seaweed extract, a skin nutrient which helps prevent wrinkles and collagen, for maintaining optimal skin moisture and elasticity. A neck and shoulder massage is included to release any tension and stress.

Jetlag Remedy

90min treatment

The Jet Lag Remedy is the perfect treatment to diminish the effects of jet lag and is recommended both before and after your travels. The treatment begins with a firm foot, leg and back massage, which will relax tense and knotted tissue, as well as improving the circulation. Followed by our 1 hour Face to Face Signature Facial to recondition and moisturize the skin - you are assured to be feeling like you're floating on air!

Divine Renewal

90min treatment

A treatment of top to toe pampering that begins with an invigorating foot wash using sea salt from East bali and peppermint essential oil, followed by a full body massage based on Swedish and Balinese massage techniques. Your skin is then exfoliated using a creamy scrub consisting of apricot, rice kernels and aromatherapy oils. After a refreshing shower a soothing body lotion is applied to condition the skin - a treatment guaranteed to send you to the land of bliss!

Color Change

15 min treatment

Male – Express Manicure or Pedicure

30 min treatment

Reflexology Massage

30 min treatment

Sit back and enjoy a hand and foot treatment using points that correspond to the rest of the body. A quick but restoring fix!

Neck, Head and Shoulder Massage

30 min treatment

Enjoy the peace and quiet while having a soothing massage focusing on head, neck and shoulder area. The perfect treatment to help you restore and reenergize after a tiring session in the water.

Classic OPI Manicure or Pedicure


The renowned OPI brand is used to achieve the ultimate manicure experience starting with an exfoliation massage, followed by a cuticle curtailing soak, clipping and pushing, nail buffing and perfecting as well as base-and-top coating and very particular painting!

OPI French Manicure or Pedicure


Go with the classic white tips and a natural finish, with cuticle curtailing soak, clipping and pushing, nail buffing de-roughing and perfecting.

OPI Nail Art


Add a tropical look to your manicure or pedicure, with a flower decoration in your own choice of colors - a treatment for all ages!


Have peace of mind while being pampered at Mick's Place.

Hygiene is one of our top priorities and we are therefore using high quality products, fresh linen as well as sterilized manicure/pedicure tools with each guest.