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Micks Place - Bingin Beach Bali Bali's best surfing destination and Bali's most beautiful wedding setting!
Bingin Beach break - right at your doorstep!Surf Check - Daily photos of Bingin break - Bali

Surfing Bingin Beach


The Indonesian surf experience, the quality of its waves and the "Bali Hai" lifestyle attracts surfers from all over the world. Bali has over twenty top-quality breaks on the Southwest and Southeast coasts of the island and around the Bukit Peninsula.

Bali is an island of high volcanoes, rice fields, temples and beautiful beaches. Mick's Place is in the heart of all quality surf, hence his decision to live in Bingin. Neighbouring surf beaches include; Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Balangan, Impossibles and Uluwatu. Bingin Beach is directly beneath you at Mick's Place and what a wonderful thing it is to float in the pool with a refreshing beverage and watch the waves roll in. Check out our Daily Surf Cam of Bingin Beach - Bali's top surf spot.

The water conditions are excellent but it is advisable to wear booties as the reef can have a nasty bite. Whether a learner or an experienced surfer Bingin and the surrounding beaches offer everybody a chance to improve themselves and have a "Bingin Ball!".